Hyper Gear 16000mAH Portable Power Bank

Today, people stay online 24x7 to connect with social media on priority. Be it phone, tablet or laptops, they download different apps to socialize at maximum reach. Out of all these activities, their battery used to drain out faster. Portable power bank is the obvious solution to deal with this problem.

But buying a correctly priced and featured battery is a tough work to do. You have to research a lot before making any purchase. Many online outlets offer competitive price to confuse customer and when you actually research in deep you’ll find the difference in value and in features.

Factors Need to Consider

First look for the power capacity and battery backup depending on MAH it holds. Because multiple times of charging will depend on the MAH which you’re buying.

Secondly, look for the battery which have been used in these banks. Because premium Li-Ion increases number of charge cycles and it is quite expensive too. Other types like Nickel metal and Nickel cadmium cost less in comparison to Li-Ion.

Third, look for the number of power ports because larger capacity power bank will offer many ports where in lower capacity power banks will give only one port to charge your device. So, always look for multiple ports.

Fourth, look for the casing and frame, because the portable bank should come in carry and light weight with improved quality.

Fifth, look out for the additional accessories which come along with the power banks like charging cable, adapters, travel pouches and all to eliminate extra spending on these.

Research and compare the prices online based on balanced decision of considering these features to buy Portable Power Bank


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